Hello 2012! – My Five New Year Health Challenges

January 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Good morning! 2012 is upon us. My how things have changed since last New Year’s. I accomplished a lot both personally and professionally and I want to make sure I keep that momentum going. The biggest change came in the summer when I took on a 30 day vegan challenge. That challenge stuck and now I eat a predominantly vegan diet.

I want to keep that momentum going in 2012 which is why I’ve set the following 5 challenges for myself. And I’ll be blogging about them here as that’s what kept me on track when I tried going vegan. If I didn’t make myself accountable to sticking with my vegan challenge in a public manner, I know I would have thrown in the towel.

Now, my goal is to get through these five challenges. I don’t anticipate sticking with them all long-term. I just want to do it and see how I feel. I’m not sure when I’m going to do them all yet, certainly not all at the same time, but I know by the end of 2012 I want to have done them all. So, here they are.

My Five Health Challenges for 2012

1. 30 Day Yoga Challenge

I used to be big into yoga – before I got married, I was at yoga usually 5 times a week and I was in the best shape of my life. My power vinyasa flow class usually consisted of an hour and a half hard core workout including intense physical and mental challenges. I miss the way I used to leave those classes – open, vibrant, alive. Due to a cyst in my wrist I had to cut back on yoga, and eventually cut it out completely. But I’m determined to find a way to make it work. I want to at some point this year do 30 days straight of yoga. It can be in my home, at a studio, or the gym. I want to challenge myself and see if maybe all these years, I can return to it.

2. Complete a 15 Minute Run Without Stopping

I hate to run but I love the idea of it. I’m super envious of people that go running for fun and do marathons. I myself, can’t run more than a minute. Yup that’s right, about a minute. OK, maybe two – maybe. So I want to be able to complete a 15 minute run at some point this year without stopping. Runners delight: here I come (hopefully).

3. Two Weeks Caffeine-Free 

This is going to be a tough one. I read Crazy, Sexy, Diet in September and tried to do the recommended 21 day detox in October. I found a group to do it with and everything. The detox was rough – no caffeine, no alcohol, no sugar. After 3 days with a pounding migraine I called the quits. I think the triple whammy is what did me in. It was too much at once. So I’m trying all three, but at different times. And I chose two weeks as this is going to be really tough! As I’ve already mostly cut out sodas from my life, this will mostly be coffee (note my lovely coffee in the picture above) – but that will be hard enough.

4. Two Weeks Without Sugar 

It is said that sugar is one of the most addictive substances out there which is why I chose to go with a two week detox challenge. To be honest, I’m not sure what to expect with this one. I think it will be hard, but I’m not sure it will be impossible. We will see. For me the challenge will be in the form of breads and chips. I’ll also cut out any alcohol during this time as it basically turns right into sugar.

5. 30 Day Whole Foods Challenge

I think this one may be the hardest challenge of them all – maybe not so much because of cravings but because of convenience – although the cravings will be hard too. I may do the sugar challenge with this one but not sure yet. The goal here is to go 30 days eating only whole foods – nothing with an ingredient list. As I write this, I’m starting to think I may be insane to think I can go a whole month like this. We’ll see.

So that’s it. Those are my five health challenges for the year. What are yours? If you’re thinking of making a change and maybe even trying out veganism for a change, check out my 10 tips for completing a 30 day vegan challenge.

Happy New Year!


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