Finding Others to Support Your Desire for Full Health

July 17, 2012 § 2 Comments

I’m continuing with the 101 days of blogging challenge and today’s act is “Minimize Symptom Suppression: Make whole-person vitality, well-being and resilience your goal. Partner with healthcare pros who understand and support your desire to be fully healthy with a minimum of medical intervention.”

I don’t want to understate the importance of finding the right healthcare professionals to guide you, but help isn’t limited to pros like doctors. My journey was propelled by my massage therapist. She has been instrumental in my shift to a vegan diet, informing me, guiding me, and cheerleading along the way. I truly believe she has changed the course of my life by informing me of the benefits of a vegan diet.

But even with her support, it can get lonely. I don’t want to say it is hard to eat vegan, because it isn’t. It can just be hard sometimes when you are different. I’m not saying this for sympathy or for anyone to say “well that is what you’ve chosen.” I’m saying it because it is a reality.

But, I’m so excited I joined FitFluencial’s #FitVegan Twitter Chat last night. It was just the motivation I needed to keep me going and energized. Finding others that are on the same path is so important to keep your motivation up. Now with social media, that’s easier than ever. With one hour I found dozens of vegans I’d never met that I can now turn to for advice and support. It felt great.

The group was diverse. Not everyone was vegan – but there were a number of vegans present that made it look easy and attainable, as it should be.

As a constant traveler, I’m impressed to learn some new tips from this group. The tip about bringing protein to Starbucks in my favorite.

And lastly, I learned about all these great new resources, many of which I’ve never heard of before.

So get committed to getting healthy. Find a pro to help guide you, not by supressing symptoms but by getting to the root of the cause. And don’t underestimate the many others that can help you along your way and the important role they will play in your journey.


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