See the Bigger Picture: Inspire Others

July 19, 2012 § 1 Comment

vegan, vegetables, baked tofu

I never thought about the incredible impact my undertaking a 30 day vegan challenge a year ago would have. I certainly did it in large part because of my friend, but I also think I was a tad bored. Who would have ever thought that not only would I make it those 30 days, but actually decide to stick with it?

My husband joined me along the way and lost weight. My mom gave up dairy, then meat. She’s lost weight. Her arthritis is gone. And the acid reflux she once suffered from, which can be a precursor of esophageal cancer (what her dad died from) is gone! It’s been fun to watch my mom and husband join in and tout the benefits of going meat and dairy free to others. And, I’ve had countless people reach out to me asking how they can try veganism, asking for help and support. It’s a great feeling.

I’m on the tenth act of my 101 days of blogging challenge. Today’s act is “See the bigger picture: Yes, this is about you, but your well-being also affects everyone and everything around you. When you get healthier, everybody benefits.”

We never know what impact our actions will have on others. What started as a little challenge for me has turned into a lifestyle. A lifestyle that not only protects the planet and the animals, but my health and therefore those around me.

Oh and my hubby that I said gave up dairy and meat, he made me a vegan meal tonight. Baked tofu with brown rice and veggies. Who knew these positive changes in my life would result in my husband cooking for me? It was a nice little treat.


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