Raise Your Sights & New Ways to Love Avocado

July 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

vegan avocado pasta

We’re on the 15th act of the 101 days of blogging challenge. Today’s revolutionary act is “Raise Your Sights: Don’t get sucked in by obsessions with six-pack abs and buns of steel. Don’t play “compare the bodies.” Fulfill your best-self vision.”

I can’t remember where I heard this but I heard someone say that we spend so much time comparing ourselves to others, and wanting their bodies, that we are never content. But the thing is, I may never be able to get killer abs or little waist like someone I see on the cover of a magazine because I have a completely different body than them. The goal should always be to be our best self. I don’t care about six-pack abs or buns of steel. What I care about is being health enough to do what I want to do and make the most of this life. Sure I want to look nice in a little black dress or show off in a bikini but I don’t need to get carried away about my waist size or biceps.

Part of being my best self today included going for a walk tonight with my dog Chloe, and making this amazing avocado pasta from Oh She Glows. I’ve been eyeing this recipe for about a year now, but truth is I really don’t love avocados. I love guacamole loaded with onions and jalapeno scooped perfectly on tortilla chips but a straight up avocado is not my friend. So, I really wasn’t sure this was the recipe for me. But with guac already being eaten with my black bean and quinoa wrap and then again as a little treat this weekend, I decided I might as well put the last avocado in the fridge to use for something other than a tortilla chip. And boy am I glad I did!

This pasta is truly exquisite. There isn’t even the faintest avocado flavor. All you get is this amazingly creamy, garlicky, slightly lemony sauce. The sauce itself was a tad hard to mix into the pasta so next time I’m going to blend a little pasta water into it before tossing to make it a bit easier to spread around. I think I’ve finally found another recipe to put my avocados to use other than guacamole. Paired with whole wheat pasta, this is a healthy, quick, delicious dinner ready in no time.




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