Amy’s: A Vegan’s Best Friend

October 2, 2012 § 6 Comments

We are on Day 2 of Vegan MOFO and today we’re talking fast food – at home that is. I am usually not a fan of frozen meals. I never liked them. The flavor. The texture. They never did anything for me. Plus, I grew up in a house where frozen (or really packaged anything) wasn’t served. But as I’m expecting, I do foresee many frozen meals in my future, especially in those first months of baby – luckily for me and my family, there is Amy’s!

We actually went about a year without a microwave. The only thing we missed was popcorn. Then we became vegan. And sometimes we just needed an easy go-to dinner. The truth is, while it isn’t necessarily hard to be vegan, eating out can sometimes be challenging. So there were nights that I longed for an easy, quick, tasty meal. That’s when I discovered Amy’s. We became addicted to the tasty vegan frozen dinners and so, we broke down and added a microwave to our kitchen electronics. We do have a lot more popcorn now too 🙂

If you haven’t tried Amy’s yet, here are some of my favorites. They are all organic so you know you are getting good quality. You will pay a bit more for it, but believe me it is worth it. I’ve actually found that my local Publix has a great Amy’s selection and it is cheaper than Whole Foods so shop around. And, making it even easier for you, flip the box over to see the ingredients and if it is vegan, Amy has labeled it as such. Here’s a list of all their vegan options.

Mmmmm the black bean tamale verde. This is the first thing we tried and has become our go to. In my opinion, the tamale and rice is better than any I’ve had in any mexican restaurant! The rice is also made of brown rice making it healthier. I love the slight spice and hearty texture.

The Indian vegetable korma offers a hearty, spicy Indian flavored meal. I don’t like that a lot of the vegan options are loaded with tofu and appreciate that both of these options omit the tofu. When I eat this, I can’t resist just mixing it all together. The flavors are fantastic.

The roasted vegetable pizza. I’ll admit the pizzas are not cheap. A small one runs about $5.99 but holy moly is it worth it! A friend introduced me to this pizza and I was shocked at the flavor. The crust gets really nice and crispy and there is this ridiculously yummy onion marmalade that makes the base. It really is so good – good enough that you could make this and cut little pieces to serve as an appetizer at a fancy party. This pizza also comes in a gluten free version.

I have to admit I was really surprised by the vegan margarita pizza. I haven’t experimented much with vegan cheeses – in fact, I’ve mostly steered clear of them. My husband picked this up on one of his shopping trips and made it for us one weekend. I was starving and dug in. Boy was it good. I like that it isn’t too cheesy. Just enough to give you a hint of stringy cheese with a nice rich tomato base. I felt like I was eating a real dairy margarita pizza.

So that’s it. Those are my favorites. Do you have vegan frozen meals you love that are worth a try?

Also, check out my Vegan MOFO Pinterest board with all my favorite finds – there are already some amazing looking things… and it is only Day 2!



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