Where Does Chicken Come From?

October 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Not a Nugget pendant from crobinsondesign on Etsy.com

I distinctly remember sitting at the dinner table one night when I was young – I don’t recall how old, but I’m guessing I was probably about 7 or 8 – and realizing the chicken we were eating came from real chickens. As I type this I find it strange to think that I wouldn’t have thought or known about it until so late, but that is the way I remember it.

We always loved animals. We never went a year without a dog – they were always an extension of our family. I fondly remember coming home one day and to my surprise finding two adorable little bunnies running around the dining room table and my mom smiling at her gift for us. Years later a stray cat found its way at our doorstep and quickly found a place not only in our house but in our hearts.

We were and are animal people. That night at the dinner table, I didn’t feel eating the chicken was right and I remember questioning my parents. My dad said not to think too much about it – he wasn’t being cruel or anything in this statement. I just think he didn’t know what to say. So that is what I did for the next 20 or so years. I ate chicken and I just didn’t think about where it came from.

That is until I began eating a vegan diet over a year ago. I think because I’ve always had this underlying feeling that eating animals is wrong, a vegan diet was a natural fit for me. And I’ll admit there are times that it can be challenging – but reminding myself that it is in line with my values makes me deal with those challenges in a positive way.

Just because you decide to become a vegan or adopt a vegan diet, doesn’t mean that choice will always be easy, every day. I’m not trying to paint it as difficult – but there are times where it can feel inconvenient or frustrating and you may forget the reason you went vegan. I think allowing yourself to feel these frustrations is important to your long term success of remaining vegan. There’s nothing wrong with reminding yourself why you made that commitment when needed – in fact it will just make your commitment stronger.



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