Gluten-Free Mexican Pizza

August 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

mexican pizza with guacamole, corn, and peppers from Cooking Con Sal

This fast, fresh, healthy dish is so easy to make and completely satisfying! I used Udi’s frozen gluten-free pizza crusts. I’ve been trying to cut out gluten completely – very hard as a vegan! – so in this case they do have egg and thus this isn’t a vegan recipe. To make it vegan just use regular pizza crust, corn, or flour tortillas. I really like these pizza crusts – they are thin and crispy and don’t leave you feeling so heavy – even when you eat the whole pizza!

Mexican gluten-free pizza from Cooking Con Sal

Just pop the pizza crust in the oven according to package directions. When it is done cooking, add the toppings. I topped mine with guacamole (2 avocados, 1 minced garlic clove, chopped red onion, juice from 1/2 lime, salt, pepper), fresh non-GMO corn cut right off the cob, diced tomatoes, sliced mini-peppers, chopped red onion, and jalapeno – no extra cooking required! I love the crunch of the crisp veggies against the smooth, cool guac.

Salsa, cilantro, lime, and even black beans would also make great toppings. Cut up into smaller pieces, this would make a great little appetizer – or line everything up assembly line style for a fun dinner party. Enjoy!



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